A Step Buying Guide for the Perfect Thermal Pool Blanket

You really enjoy your pool. You spent a lot of money to add the pool to your home, and you spend a good deal of money to maintain your pool each month. The only problem is; you do not feel like you get as much use out of your pool as you would like. You just cannot seem to keep the temperature up in your pool. There is a perfect and affordable solution to your problem. Do not waste money on gimmicks – follow this ten-step guide to help you purchase the perfect thermal pool blanket that will extend the use of your pool for months and years to come.

Step 1: Recognize there is a problem.

Make a list of all the times you or your family wanted to use the pool but it was simply ‘too cold.’ By knowing how much you wanted to use your pool but it was not available, we can help you determine how much to spend on a thermal pool blanket by figuring out if it is a worthy investment.

Step 2: List down how many days/weeks you would like to be able to use your pool.

If you are able to make a dream list of how much you would like to use your pool. Think of all the children’s birthday parties or barbecues you could have enjoyed more if you were able to swim. This will help you in convincing the person who holds the purse strings that you need to spend the money.

 Step 3: Measure your pool.

This is a common step that many people forget. When you go to purchase a thermal pool blanket, it is crucial that you know the size, or else you will just be going home to measure anyway. All you will need to do is measure the length and the width. If you are ordering a custom-fit cover, then you have to have the company come out. For a cover you are simply ordering in-store or online, you will just need basic measurements.

 Step 4: Time the amount of sunlight your pool receives.

If you figure out how much sunlight your pool receives, you will be able to do equations about how much sunlight will warm your pool, and if getting a solar pool blanket will be worth it.

Step 5: Take the temperature of your pool at various times of the day.

Many covers boast temperature increases of 10 degrees or less. This will not be enough if your pool is running very low temperatures.

Step 6: Read reviews of thermal pool blankets.

There are a lot of different pool blankets out there. It is important to take reviews with a grain of salt, after all, the person who did not take care of their thermal pool blanket who is complaining it did not last for very long is not a great indicator. However, reviews can be a good baseline for what is out there.

Step 7: Visit a pool and spa supply store.

Workers in these stores are trained in what the best kinds are. This will also give you an opportunity to view the thermal pool blankets in person, feel the materials, and even look at some of the accessories that accompany a solar pool blanket, such as reels and cleaners.

Step 8: Shop around.

Whether you buy your thermal pool blanket online or in a store, it is important that you do your homework and shop around. You can compare prices on merchant sites and your local stores. This is an important step because you will find a wide variety of the same products online.

Step 9: Talk to your friends.

If anyone you know has a thermal pool blanket; be sure you talk to them. They have likely tried various options, and you will be able to circumvent some of the mistakes they have made if you listen to their advice.

 Step 10: Enjoy the added time in your pool!

This is the last, yet most important step. Adding a thermal pool blanket to your pool will add weeks and months of use to your pool. You spent a lot of money on this pool, now you get to spend a lot of time in there too!

Finding the best thermal pool blanket to meet your needs is easier than you think. Do your homework, follow these simple steps, and shop around, and you are sure to find the best thermal pool blanket that will last you for years to come.

5 Questions To Ask The Salesman Before Buying A Clear Solar Pool Cover

pool tile

You have made the decision to buy a clear solar pool cover, done a lot of online research and now you are at the store. Bring along these five questions so you do not waste time while you are in the store.

Question #1 – What clear solar pool covers do you carry?

This may seem like a simple question, but many salespeople will try to direct you to the most expensive solar pool cover. The most expensive cover may or may not be the best. If you have decided a clear solar pool cover is the one you need, then make sure you are only looking at those in the store. Remember, there are clear, blue, and dark covers. It is up to you to decide which cover is best, but if you have decided you want a clear cover, then it is important to make sure you are in the right section.

Use the expertise of the salesperson to find out what clear solar pool covers are the most popular. If you can find out which are the most popular, then you can also ask why. Do they use a reel with the most popular clear solar pool cover or is it easy to use on its own? While you may not want to purchase the most popular, it is still helpful to know what others are doing.

Question #3 – What is the return rate on your clear solar pool covers?

This question will help you see what problems others are having with their clear solar pool covers. If many people are returning a cover because they think it is heavy or hard-to-use, then you can consider purchasing a reel or getting a different cover. If they are returning a cover because it is of low quality, then you know to stay away from that cover.

Question #4 – What is the easiest clear solar pool cover to use?

Many times a salesperson will want to sell you a cover that will force you to purchase many other items. They may direct you to a cover that needs a reel and a case in order to make more sales. If you ask them this question first, they will be forced to tell you what the easiest cover is, instead of selling you on a different cover or one where they make a greater commission.

Question #5 – What clear solar pool cover has the best warranty?

No solar pool cover will last forever. Remember, your solar pool cover is out there in the elements. Sun, rain, dirt, and many other things can prematurely age your cover. If your cover does not last as long as the warranty states, you want to be able to return your cover with no trouble.

Asking these simple questions will save you a lot of time from wandering aimlessly around the store. Do not get distracted and make sure your salesperson is able to answer these simple questions for you.