Can a Cheap Solar Pool Cover do the Trick?

I just overheard someone today saying how they already have to stop using their pool because the water is too cold. Of course, I had to step in and ask them if they had heard of a solar pool cover. To my dismay, they had not! I gave them some basic information and they are off to do some research and are sure to buy a solar pool cover. It seems a shame to me that they had no idea what I was talking about and were ready to stop using their pool completely when it is just now fall.

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A big concern for people, and the first question this person asked me, is cost. The pool owner said, “Well aren’t those expensive?” To which my response was, “actually you can get great results from a really cheap solar pool cover.” That piqued their interest and thus we have a new solar pool cover owner.

A solar pool cover ranges from $35 to $200 and you can get a cheap solar pool heating system for as low as $100. There is not a huge difference in the materials. Remember that a thick solar pool cover is not necessarily the best one. You want to find a durable cover, but many covers try to sell you on extremely long warranties which are not really realistic when you think about the fact that this cover will be out in the elements year-in and year-out.

A cheap solar pool cover can do the trick if you are looking for something to keep the water from your pool from evaporating. You do not need an expensive or fancy cover to do this. The thickness of a cover does not really matter, and you will not find a huge difference in the thickness between a cheap solar pool cover and an expensive one.

Many people find that the solar pool cover reel is an added expense they cannot afford. You do not have to have a reel. It may be a little harder to get the cover on and off your pool, but it is a way to save money. Another suggestion I have to make a cheap solar pool cover last longer is to bring it inside a shed or a garage during the cold winter months. If you look at online reviews, many users will complain about their cheap solar pool cover not lasting very long, but I bet they kept that cover outside in the cold where it could freeze and crack. If you do decide to go with a solar pool reel check out Hydro Tools Solar Reel.

Do not let the thought that solar pool covers are expensive deter you. They are actually very affordable and you can get a cheap one that will do the trick so long as you take care of it.

Can Solar Pool Heating Save Me Any Money?

If you are using a gas or electric heater to heat your pool, then a solar pool heater will undoubtedly save you money. If you have not installed any type of heating system for your pool yet, but you wish to get more use out of your pool, then the small expense of a solar pool heater will be well worth it. A pool is a significant investment. Heating your pool enables you to use your pool for more than a few short months in the summer. Now you can use your pool in the evenings, earlier in the spring, and later into the fall.

Solar pool heating saves you money because it has nothing to do with your energy bill. Construct a solar pool heating system yourself or pay to have one installed and you have a one-time expense that will provide heat for you for many months. Gas and electric heating do not work this way. Not only do you have the installation expense, but you will have to pay for those heaters every month on your utility bill. Solar pool heating is a great way to save you money and get off the grid of master-planned utility companies.

Most manufactured solar pool heaters on the market are billed to last anywhere from 15 to 20 and virtually none of them have monthly costs. They are even cheaper to install than a traditional gas or electric heater. Studies have shown that all parts of the country have enough rays from the sun to benefit from using solar power. In fact, Germany is one of the leading users of solar energy worldwide, and they are one of the rainiest, cloudiest countries.

A solar pool heater is a great addition to your pool. Combined with a solar pool blanket, you will have a winning combination. The solar pool heater can heat the water in your pool, while the blanket will keep the warmer water from evaporating. A solar pool heater will save you a lot of money, especially if you have already been heating your pool with a gas or electric heater. Think of how great it will be to see your utility bill lower by hundreds of dollars each month and to know you are doing something great and sustainable for the environment!