How to Choose Cheap Solar Pool Covers?

There are several options out there for cheap solar pool covers. How will you know if you are choosing the right one? Really, it depends on your needs, but you can get away with a quality solar pool cover that fits your needs for under $100.

cheap pool cover

Heritage Pools makes a cheap solar pool cover that is perfect for the larger pool. Their cover works on an in-ground or an above-ground pool. These covers are already cut to the shape of most traditional pools, but with some easy trimming, you can fit them to any shape of the pool. The smaller covers can be easily laid on the pool by hand, but it is recommended that a larger cover be accompanied by a reel. Otherwise, the cover can be quite cumbersome when you are talking about a cover that is 45 feet long. Heritage Pools solar blankets can be found at many pool supply stores, at Wal-mart, or online at

Intex makes 18 foot or 15-foot covers designed specifically for above-ground Intex pools. Their bubble technology boasts evaporation rates of less than five percent. These covers are less than $50, and used accordingly, will keep the heat and the water in your pool. If you have an above-ground pool, this is a great cover to consider. They will work on any pool, so long as the pool is 15- or 18-feet in diameter.

Blue Wave makes a wide variety of solar pool products. From solar sun rings too cheap solar pool covers, they have what you are looking for in terms of a cheap solution to cold water and evaporation. Their solar sun rings and solar pool covers are easy to install. They use a patented Magni-Clear technology which draws the sun into the pool and allows the sun’s rays to get to the depths of the pool, providing the most solar heat possible. These covers are thick and durable, and some of the highest quality you will find for an above-ground pool.

Finding a good, yet cheap solar pool cover is no easy task, but with some due diligence on your part, you can find some great buys. There are some high-quality and easy-to-use options out there for less than $100. Heritage Pools, Intex, and Blue Wave are just a few of the brands of cheap solar pool covers that will meet your needs. Do not be fooled by very pricey covers. Even though they may boast that they will last longer than a cheap solar pool cover, they will not. These covers will hold up to the elements just fine!

Closing and Opening your Pool with Swimming Pool Winter Covers

People get a swimming pool to relax and have fun. Most pool owners do not realize the amount of work that goes into owning a pool. Besides regular cleaning and chemicals, opening and closing your pool for swimming season are the two most challenging times of the year for pool owners. If you have swimming pool winter covers, this makes your job a lot easier.

Closing your pool entails “winterizing” it. You want to have the perfect combination of chemicals to deal with freezing water and lack of use. You also want to keep your pool as clean as possible so you have the least amount of work when the swimming season opens up again. Failing to close your pool properly, especially in a really cold climate, can cause your pool a lot of damage. Swimming pool winter covers help keep debris out of your pool and stop a lot of the freeze damage from occurring.

Use a winterizing chemical kit to keep your water clear for the spring. Make sure you lower the water level in your pool because water expands when it freezes. Do not assume that it will not freeze where you are. Omitting this crucial step can cause a lot of damage to the plumbing of your pool. Drain the pump and blow the water out of the water lines. Swimming pool winter covers are the last step, and these are durable covers made from mesh, vinyl, or tarp. These are different than solar pool covers. In the winter, you do not want sunlight to get in your pool because this will cause algae to grow.

Opening the pool in the spring is another endeavor. Depending on how carefully you remove your swimming pool winter covers, you will have some work to do. Pump any standing water off the cover, then carefully remove it, being sure to dry it completely and store it in a cool, dry place, out of the sun. you will need to add water to your pool, check your filter, prime the pump and then start the pumping system. Check the pool for any leaks and evaluate your whole pool. If you have mesh swimming pool winter covers you will likely have to clean the sides and bottom of your pool. If you purchased a vinyl cover, then you probably will not have a lot of cleaning to do to get your pool ready.

As you can see, opening and closing a pool for the season can be a lot of work. Swimming pool winter covers take a lot of the hassle out of this process.